Okay so.

I have a docker instance with 2 running apps. Normally one of them is just a proxy to the other one, so a http req to app0 is redirected to app1 and the same with response.

This works perfectly on bare machine, i can just rewrite the ip in the config file and it works. Now my boss decided that yeah docker is absolutely needed for this software so i have to containerize it.

Thing is docker seems to break local ips? I cant use localhost/, nor assigned ip. Is there a way i can debug this, or what should i look up??? Im lost, this is devops afaik and im far from devops.

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    use Docker-compose, set the rev-proxy to network-mode host.
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    +1 on docker compose

    For the no compose solution, if they're both on the same host, you can target{port} and the bridge network should do the rest.

    Also, if you're committed to docker as an org, you should also look at swarm for upper envs and service discovery.
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