Me in the bus to Office
me: *press the stop button*
me: *see my Station driving pass me*
me: Sorry? I pressed that button?
bus Driver: Oh! You wanted to Exit?
me (thinking): no, this is a unit test and your unit just failed….
me: uhm, yes? thats why I pressed that button...

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    imagine you would have said what you thought😅
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    @cb219 i think the Drivers System could crash on those Inputs...^^ i once had a Driver telling me it was too late to stop after he ignored the stop Signal so i had to Exit at the next Station around 3km away from my target.. I didnt want to try this another time
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    @4lan2ring wtf😂😂
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    @4lan2ring 3km?! I complain when the stations are 500m apart...
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    @Jilano Welcome to the countryside. From my appartment I have to walk 1km to the next Station where i can take a bus every half hour...on weekdays...between 8am and 6pm
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