Keeping up with #100DaysOfCode is a real challenge for college students. Every 15days you'll be giving some exam of a subject which you will probably never need in life.

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    I often read stuff like this.

    What kind of exams you have that "will never use in real life"?
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    @dmonkey subjects like biology, electrical and EVS is not at all useful for CS major students I guess.
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    @Aalpha I was a CS major and I'm now in masters and boi is that "useless" stuff pretty useful. Don't sneer at it, CS is applicable pretty much everywhere and there's real value in being a well-rounded engineer.
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    @RememberMe CS is bullshit. It should be modular so you can learn the things you will actually need.

    You want to go study? Take the academic ones.

    You want an actual job? Take the ones specifically related to your target field of work.

    But the education systems fo the world still have a long way to go to reach that point. Until then we have trade schools. Close enough.
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    @p100sch it *is* modular.

    In the country both OP and I come from, CS is the academic oriented program, IT is the job oriented program. You want more job focused stuff, take IT not CS. And within both programs you can switch and go for an academic career from IT or an industry career from CS (I've seen both). I wouldn't call it flexible exactly but you can definitely get where you want.

    Also some subjects like English skills and EVS (environmental science) are a necessary requirement for all programs (even in humanities etc.), I really don't see what's bad about that (environmental education is valid for everyone and it really is something everyone should know). You don't go to an academic program at a uni just to get a job, you go for an education.

    And outside this country many of the CS programs I've seen are quite customisable, you learn basically exactly what you want over bunch of required subjects that are reasonable given that it's CS.
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    @RememberMe I agree with you, but I feel students should be given the choice of choosing the subjects. I don't know much about other countries but I am from India and here subjects like evs and biology carry grade points. I feel these should be just pass subjects and not ones carring grade points.
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    @Aalpha yeah, I agree it's not an ideal system and it could use a lot more flexibility.
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