I got asked to teach a bit 3D printing to a physics class at my old high school. But I consider myself an amateur at 3D printing at best and don’t think these kids are going to learn as much as their teacher thinks they will.
Especially if the printer is above the hobbyist level and doesn’t require user added upgrades and improvements

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    Just showing them how to CAD is enoght, the printer and actual printing of the shapes is extra.

    If no one else is willing to do it, then go for it. They'll Lear something for sure, even if it is just debugging and maintenance.
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    I think teacher was banking more on you being able to explain things that might actually seem more interesting among the students and from the perspective of a student rather than just give the same basic 101 everyone can go find online.
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    teach em... i once thought a young intern 20 days (max 1 hour per day) python (he didnt know programming before)... he produced a self runnable 3D animated video of our company logo
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    They will learn by doing so you don't have to know much
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    Sometimes it's sufficient to show them that starting with this sort of tech is not difficult. Just demonstrating the basic what and why and what to focus on is often enough to get them started.
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