Dear thieves: don't steal a dev's phone.

So I lost my phone. Some thief in a motorcycle took it while I was using it outside my home.

It was crap anyway, and after putting it on Lost Mode and going to the cops about it I slept like a baby. So I lost nothing.

Now I have the perfect excuse to harass the thief, the fence, and the poor technician who will try to break into my phone. Hahaha.

I phoned my telco today about my SIM card loss, phoned the government telecommunications agency to apply for my phone to become IMEI blocked (rendering it useless to anyone), and sent messages over Lost Mode telling the thief to return my phone to the police station and get himself arrested and me suing him for the keks.

Meanwhile I still had TestFlight on my phone and I sent the thief insults through my iOs app that I personally use. I'm not sure it still works over Lost Mode, but just in case they break through, they will not hear the end of me. At least until the government IMEI blocks the thing.

Or that I will settle for 12 months of my wages. Plus the lawyer's cut.

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    Any location tracking on the phone? Just to add an extra layer of paranoia for the thief.
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    @HelsinkiCodes Apple already does that. When it goes online again I'm going to ask cops to escort me to the location and arrest the mfker
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    @jennytengsonM oh I'm sorry I think you spelt 'murder and torture the mfker' wrong there
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    Sucks to be you, but also sucks to be them when they get around to turning it back on.

    Obligatory 🚩for when this party goes wild!
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    Does any mobile provider really use IMEI blocking?

    It's possible, but I heard that no one really took the effort to do so just to block some stolen devices.
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    @ddephor they do in Australia. Not sure about other countries though.
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    @C0D4 pretty sure we have it here in northern EU too
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    @ddephor Not the mobile provider, but the government, at least in my country.
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    @ddephor they do it in the eu, if you loan a phone and dont pay they just block it
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    Lol I traced my phone, knew where it was even after an hour when police actually came to the crime sceene (car in front of shopping center got broken into during 10min absence). I asked if they could go retrieve it for me, the answer: it's at uni, we can't just search 300+ people.. :/ okaaaay..so if I go, find it and steal it back am I gonna get charged?! You better not do that, it's probably some junkie that can scratch you with a needle.. it's not worth the hassle.. o.O I love my country!!
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    > if I go, find it and steal it back am I gonna

    > get charged?!

    Where I am, if you do that, you could be !

    I'm reminded of the time a gang tried to break into my place, I pretended to have a chainsaw and told them if they broke in, I'd chop them up.

    Anyhow, 10 minutes go by and the cops show up, the gang had complained I had threatened them !

    I told the cops what happened and they very sternly told me never ever to threaten anyone ever again, even if they are trying to break in and kill me..
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    I thought you could change the IMEI on a phone ?

    Incidently, from my own experiences, it isn't wise to poke criminal types with a sharp stick, they tend to get annoyed easily and then enjoy making your life hell for years.

    Best to be stealthy, and not draw any attention to yourself.
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    @Nanos You can change the IMEI, yes, but it's often a bad idea because you will not get a valid one, which will cause problems with SIM Cards.
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    @PrivateGER a smartphone is still pretty useful without a sim card
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    @Nanos Good Lord! what country do you live in? I’d deport myself so fast if I lived there.
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    @chagai95 Much less. It also makes it impossible to sell.
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    @PrivateGER how so? It's just like an iPad just smaller
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    There are only two places I could possibly move to (Unless I marry someone..)

    India and Uruguay, neither particularly easy to start a new life in !

    I used to know a retired drug lord in Uruguay, but I hear he is dead now..

    Reminds me of this recent story:



    More than $1B of cocaine seized in record haul, officials say. The haul was described as “the largest seizure in the history of Uruguay."


    I guess the second in command wasn't as good as the boss as running things !

    You meet some interesting people online..
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    > you will not get a valid one, which will

    > cause problems with SIM Cards.

    I've seen phones working with changed ones, and SIM cards, so I wonder how they manage that ?

    Recycle a used one ?
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    I've still got to fit a SIM slot to my smartphone !

    I can use it on wifi for web stuff.
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    @Nanos It can work *if* you get a valid one.
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    @PrivateGER get old/broken phone use that IMEI possible?
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    @Nanos I've changed( more liked fixed iemi erased MTK chipset) phones IMEI. So unless the new IMEI passes the luhn algorithm, it won't work. If the new IMEI is generated with Luhn algo, it worked.
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    Where do you live that the cops care?In my US city there was a rash of car breakin’s/ theft and they could care less.
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