Is it okay to correct a teacher? Even when a test is involved?

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    teachers usually welcome corrections, especially those in technological fields
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    Yea just don't be a condescending cunt when you do it and most of them don't mind.
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    Is that.. Canvas LMS?
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    Windows Powershell running Python. Holy fuck.
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    @Lasoloz yes.
    @nitwhiz I called CMD, as fuck Powershell.
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    @Parzi It says powershell?
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    I often correct teachers. I corrected mine during an exam, because he made two mistakes. Told us to find the youngest one, but the API we were submitting to (program was supposed to fetch data and instructions and submit it automatically) asked for the index with the largest value in an array, while checking for the lowest one instead (only found that out by testing). Has to be done nicely though, because of course, we are humans, so we can relate to making mistakes like that.
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    @ScriptCoded like I said, I invoked CMD from in Powershell as fuck Powershell. I can't "open command prompt here" anymore...
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    @Parzi oh! Gotcha!
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    How does one write a test and then fail to accurately test their students?

    Damaging your students confidence in you makes students not want to listen to you.

    This infuriates me.

    P. S. Correcting them is fine, just don't be a butt about it.

    P. P. S I am aware of the irony
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    @stonestorm it's really not that deep dude. Professors are human too and when you are at something for a long time mistakes are harder to find.

    Let's get your panties untangled and come down a bit dude. As a student I don't look at a professor as stupid because they made a mistake. If you do that, then you're a wee bit of a condescending douchebag.
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    @Stuxnet Might well depend on circumstance i'd imagine. At 10K a year for education where I am, I expect it to be right.
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    @stonestorm right because professors aren't human at allllllll.

    Gimme a break dude. That's the most bullshit thing I've seen in quite some time.
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    @stonestorm the tests can be auto-generated from Quora or OCR'd tests or similar shit, so this may have been a case of reading 3 questions in, going "close enough", and importing the whole fucking thing. Teacher thanked me and fixed it.
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    @nitwhiz Even worse:

    Windows Powershell running Python 2 32-bit in 2020
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    @AlgoRythm it's not even Powershell 6, either, it yells at me to install the new one when started. (Also, again, you can invoke CMD in Powershell...)
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    @kescherRant "youngest one"

    Ok, so the API gave us back an array in this format:

    "name": "Sample text",
    "dateOfBirth" : "2000-01-01"

    and the "dateOfBirth" was the value we were supposed to check for in my original comment
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