Converting computing fractals in Python to computing fractals in GPU. Seconds to milliseconds.

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    computing fractals on the GPU with PythonD on MS-DOS 6.22

    oh dude it can get *way worse*
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    @Parzi Does Python on DOS support protected mode memory? Or is it limited to 640K?
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    @Demolishun MS-DOS has supported higher than 640k since like 2.x. EXE/COM files have to fit in that bound initially, but it'll support upwards of 64MB in 6.22 and 1GB or so in 98-DOS, and programs can easily use the higher spaces. DJGPP runs stuff in extended memory, so you'll be dealing with the full 64MB/1GB for the most part (DJGPP is a POSIX interface for DOS, btw. Even comes with GCC compilers, which is nice.)
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