Why are many of the customizable mechanical keyboard still not going wireless?
I hate plugging in cables to Mac, quite against their design philosophy.

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    Shut up
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    What design philosophy, looking like a rolled metal sheet?
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    @M1sf3t That and many people (including myself), don't want to have one more thing to recharge from time to time. I don't move my keyboard and mouse, so why would I need wireless ones?
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    Actually most TKL, 60 and 65 layout mechs have wireless. Ducky, Anne Pro 1-2 and so forth
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    @Jilano i have an anne pro 2. I take it to work as well to use it wireless and I must say the battery life is really good.
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    @flyingavokado ahh, I was basically making a complaint about wasd keyboard, I wanted the fully customizable keys without too much hassle
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    @K-ASS the world of mechs are beautiful and vast. One of the best things I bought is mine. Keycaps are solo expensive tho
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    @flyingavokado i have anne pro as well, wireless and love the khalin red switches
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