For those of us OCD Sheldon Cooper types out there, programming can get very annoying.

For example, I want to do everything as efficient as possible but sometimes situations require "live with it" or "quick and dirty" solutions, which grinds my teeth because I'm not applying perfection in everything and a laid back attitude is against my personality, much like Sheldon. It's the same annoyance as when Penny knocks twice but not thrice at the door.

This sure is easier for brogrammers.

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    How long are you programming? Usually it washes away with time, you stop caring about it after 2-3 job changes..
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    @myss I've been programming in a non-professional capacity (hobby, education) for 20 years and 1 year professionally.
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    Best way is the way which makes your product sell. You can’t take 3 months to implement a feature “properly” when clients need it in 3 weeks.

    And yes I know, it is bad in a long run, but no one seems to care.
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    @NoToJavaScript The sweetness of cheap price is long gone after the sourness of poor quality. In the end, it depends on the company's strategy.
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