This is for all those people that like dark themes and when asked why you say it's because light attracts bugs.

I would like to explain how that is just so wrong. Bugs attracted to light are moths and a few other flying bugs.

The rest of the bugs live and thrive in darkeness. Cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders etc.

In fact mosquitoes hunt at night and prefer to hunt in the dark.

I just had to put this out there.

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    I choose to believe that no such people exist. That "argument" is so stupid, it hurts physically.
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    They meant bugs, not insects, but actual bugs in the code.

    On a serious note, it’s true that insects hunt in the dark, but they also use moonlight to navigate. Artificial light obscures the moon, that’s basically the reason why they’re attracted to light (disclaimer: I just looked it up).

    Though, I doubt that light brightness makes much difference in attracting bugs. People use dark themes, because they’re easier on eyes, and at night prepares you better for sleep.
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    I think what they mean is: 'light sources attract bugs in the dark' and that is true but at the same time, even with the darkest of the dark modes that monitor will still pump out plently of light because every one of the "pro-dark-mode" users (okay, not everyone necessarily - assuming this is inaccurate and wrong) have the brightness cranked up to supernova levels (gee, does the theme mode even makes a difference at this point?), and then there's the warmth put out by the average monitor which too attracts them bugs. Also, as a sidenote, bloodsuckers like the mosquitoes don't go for the light to find food - if I remember correctly they look for warm bodies and smell.
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    To turn the "joke" upside down - if you have bugs in whatever you're making, wouldn't you want for them to surface so that you can fix them?
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    People who keep making that joke/statement are insects themselves.
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    Thanks, I will now on use that snarky comeback, when someone asks the stupid question "why do you use dark mode?" again :)
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    "Its easier on the eyes when switching windows at night without other lightsources" is the only valid response to that question! At least I can't think of another right now, that one is true for me.

    However I still like the bug joke :(
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    saying it attracts bugs is more social acceptable than saying that the light burns and that only the darkness is comfort for the depressed and demoralized soul of a developer as they struggle to cope with infinite anxiety caused by poor code and unrealistic project management.

    Or something. ;)
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    Is it not true that it was a moth walking around the circuitry of the HARVARD MARK I computer caused a short in its integrated circuits?

    Since the given context is Computing and not nature, does it not follow that light attracts bugs?
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