I was not sleeping, I was thinking about the solution to our biggest problem.

What would your excuse be if you are caught sleeping at work?

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    My HR guy admits to taking 15-20 minute power naps. I honestly think he is just bored. Also the running joke at work is that HR is never in the office.
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    When contracting for a rather gigantic corporation I actually fell asleep at my desk in an open office. How open? More or less the entire 14 floor building was open.
    Got caught by the head of HR and they're only response was "if you're going to sleep then sleep in a meeting room (they had glass that could be frosted with a switch) otherwise the execs will kick your ass and kick my ass."

    Best contract ever.

    Also as an FYI the company over-resourced and I had literally nothing to do, which is why I fell asleep.
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