I love coding so much that I end up re-inventing the wheel more often than not. Like, I'll see an interesting problem and I'll prefer coding it myself than just google it. That's definitely a form of masochism. 🥺

Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a 100 other things to do...

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    I have the same problem :)
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    Pretty sure someone already created a software to avoid the problem. I'm gonna try coding it myself.

    *ends up writing a retarded cousin of Google*
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    Doing this isn't always bad, as long as you're doing it at your own time and not dragging your team and company with it. Trying to develop something that already exists can give you a better understanding on how it works and why it has certain limitations.
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    As @tits-r-us says, it's not always bad. If it's to learn something or to think of how it the feature could be implemented, also if it's a very simple thing and you'd be importing a large library just to use one function, it's OK to write the same function.

    It's not OK to do it in an application that does a lot more than that one thing and it's been done before. Leave it to people who focus on that one problem and solve that problem well.
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