Any tips on how to focus at work? Just got my first job a few months ago and I'm having huge problems at focusing for 8h a day. Sometimes I'm just staring at the screen for 30 minutes being lost in my mind. I'm either really in the zone or not being able to focus at all. Will I get used to focusing the longer I work there or am I just retarded?

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    Take a break sometimes, you cant concentrate for 8 hours straight
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    1. Noise canceling headphones

    2. Non-vocal music/white noise generator (lots and lots of those on youtube)

    Currently my favorites are movie soundtracks (most are Hans Zimmer's)
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    Getting in the zone takes around 20-30 minutes and is pretty much a hard limit in my experience. The best you can do is to be well-rested, feel good generally and remove all distractions. Even then you can't force it.

    Your time in the zone is also severely limited. Some people talk about two hours: https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/...

    And if you managed to get that much, you're probably mentally exhausted for the day and might as well go home.

    Yeah, our brains suck at concentrating.
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    In addition to the other comments, start slow. Find something that you can break down to the smallest level and start there. Preferably something that excites you, or something that is a small bug that you can fix quickly. This is your ramp up period. It'll help put you in the mindset. Alternatively, find a blog or article on programming that will light a fire to get you in the groove. The focus will come when you are actively engaged in what you are doing.
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    @PaperTrail I agree on using movie soundtracks!

    Drink tea also. Works every time! Or coffee, if tea's not your thingg
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    I would recommend taking a break. Getting up and walking away from your desk, walk outside and breath some fresh air.

    I find that it's good the soul,
    and good to escape the office R soul.
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