Be honest. Given that you're not in crunch mode. Do you actually work 8 hours every day?

I have had some days but usually it's impossible for me to do actual work as a developer for 8 full hours, 5 times a week.

I feel that (without meetings), my ideal schedule for days of normal workload would be 5 hours a day. I'm strictly speaking about focused work, actual programming. Meetings don't usually rack up more than 2-3 hours per week for me.

I do my best to be in the office during the expected hours but I can't help but feel that everything about my engagement, focus and contribution at work would be better if I could just stroll in around 10, well rested, do some actual work, take a short lunch break, go at it again and go home around 15:30...

Because I feel like this I quickly get judgemental about myself if I come in at 9 and leave around 16:30 too often during a work week.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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    No - i do somewhere between8-10.
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    Your feelings are supported by studies. Office workers are productive for only about three hours a day:

    And *my* ideal schedule would be four hours a day, including meetings. And work-free fridays.
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    I actually did lower my weekly hours to 30, though with a pay cut.
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    I'm ok with the usual 7.5 hours we have here, though I have to agree it doesn't always feel like I'm putting in my best at the end of the day, and lots of studies support shortening the work week hours for the same reason.
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