Out of any service industry web dev is the only one that shorts it own market and full of lies making it impossible for any real person trying to make and honest living and everyone seems to be okay with it - no other trade does this 25 years experience haven't found a job yet in a year something's not right too many people are lying making people untrustworthy I know I'm not the only one that feels like this

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    Although I understand where you are coming from, I think there may be some creative industries that also fight this battle. Either way, remember your value and only go after those who respect it.
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    @idaydream thanks for the good words yo! That may be my problem that I'm a designer and coder at it's hard to bring the 2 together in value
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    Pretty much everything is that where I'm at. Evey company jettisoned all but managers, and those of us weren't outsourced were forced to become contractors, limited our pay and left us with benefits we pay for entirely if we have any at all, and 0 chance of retirement. When companies are people, fiduciary duty obliges them to behave like sociopaths and the bottom line replaces ethics.
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    @SortOfTested so true! I feel like programmers should go on strike we need a union like trade workers did cause the same thing is happening
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    @artskeem take a look at the Danish model, where unions are not nessecarily for a specific trade, works pretty well in supporting the workforce no matter your employment and you don't get the insane examples of unions you see in the US except for minor incidents.
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    @artskeem ......,,,,,,,,
    spread some of those around.
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    @ArcaneEye okay thanks!
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    The problem with the web industry is the low entry barrier plus low competence of the devs plus even lower competence of the customers to notice they're being upsold on total shit. The usual cleaning market forces can't work except as race to the bottom in price.

    Btw., the "devrant" tag is only for stuff related to this platform itself. "Developer rants" are just "rant" because there's no non-devs ranting here.
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