Why is all enterprise proprietary payment api integration documentation shit? With shit worthless code examples in either java or dotnet? Even the most basic stuff is left out like the actual endpoints to hit for stuff, they just give you base url then bullet points of what you can do but not the actual endpoint i seem to have to infer them from the bullet points. Code examples are even worse.

I've seen this on a lot of proprietary developer docs from banks and such.

Actual internet payment providers like paypal and authorizenet have really good docs online instead of a 10 page pdf with almost nothing worthwhile in it.

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    Perhaps shitty devs / management that dont care
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    Because why make it easy when they can bill you for support?
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    As @C0D4 mentioned, they will charge you for this knowledge. If you ever interacted with the cesspool that is SAP you may know their practices, and those stretch to their clients, which are mainly businesses and banks.
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    @C0D4 Different area but IBM does the same. They even have one product that's been out for two years before they released the documentation on what methods you can use. The only way to figure it out is decompile the JAR files and that voids warranty. Lol.

    As if their products aren't expensive enough. It's like an EA game on Nintendo eShop.
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    @tits-r-us @EdoPhoenix

    Speaking from experience, a lot of vendors business models are based on the fact you "need" them to get their product to work or to continue to work you have to pay licensing per user or something stupid.
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    I feel your pain, I had exactly the same issue doing stuff for a well known haulage company - their docs were shit and turned a short job into a really fucking long one...
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