If you are not happy with your job how do you decide to quit?

Do you think it's okay to go to interviews while you're working and when you get accepted let your employer know that you will quit once you're done with your current project.

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    Do you think your employer, if they decided to let you go, would wait until you have found a new job?
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    It's 100% ok to interview while working.
    You don't owe your employer anything. They pay you to do a job. A job is not a gift.
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    @nibor @mattwebdev i totally agree with you guys. I just wanted learn from people's experiences
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    Absolutely, you do you, because they won't help you.
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    I recently quit my job, you don't have to wait nothing to quit, they always will said to you tht your not professional if you let at any moment, don't worry, if they need to fire you they don't wait until you get a job, so do as you want but keep in mind you don't need to give a grace period.
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    I wasn't necessarily unhappy with my job, but felt I needed a new challenge and a change in my life so.. Tuesday just gone I handed in my notice after a couple months of the interview process. I felt it not necessary to inform my current employer that I was interviewing though as it would have made the process more difficult.

    If you're already in the mindset that you'd like to move, all you'd gain from telling them early is either they'll spend their entire time making things awkward for you. OR they'll spend their time trying to convince you to stay.
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    Yes. Your employer doesn't own you, and isn't going to be loyal to you. They will lay you off, outsource you etc when it makes sense to do so, or just strongly benefits your manager's perf review.

    If you can get a better job, that is a strategically better position, do it. Just make sure you maintain sufficient longevity at each position and that you aren't labeled a job hopper.
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