Do you know a good way to manage cost on AWS for a web app with PostgreSQL?

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    Generically AWS budgets + budget alerts and cost explorer can help you monitor them and restrict spending. Outside of that, it's just down to your design and how many resources it uses.

    Edit: budgets are located under the billing section in the AWS console

    What specifically are you concerned about?
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    The less you use, the smaller your bill.

    Something that could help is to not provision a 100GB RDS if you're DB is only 10GB.

    You pay for provisioned space not used space.

    Grow it as you require.
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    @SortOfTested I don't know if it's better use on demand or use ec2 instances
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    Simplifying my answer:
    Use on demand to get started, and then at the inflection point where you have 80-90% usage load on your cluster sustained, go reserved. Reserved instances save a ton of money.

    Self-managed EC2 is only really valuable when your application is fully mature, has a lot of sustained load and you need full control/isolation, or have a way to save money vs the RDS solution while accounting for management time overhead.

    Tl;Dr Start small with RDS (t3.micro) and just turn the knob up as you need to. Experiments of this kind are cheap, measurable, and easy to back out of.
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    Highly recommend going serverless. 6 months of development and production costs was about 137$. The majority of that being CodeBuild and other infrastructure or devops stuff. About 0.01 for lambdas. Would have the same postgres costs...unless you go serverless aurora
    Architecture is fun!
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