In today's episode of "how i got almost to the point of insanity for hours and the sudden realization and relief"

When you have ssh error saying your private key is an invalid format in your CI, you probably just missed an EOL.

MCP says EOL.

Fucking EOL

That is the realization i made after half a day wasting on debugging this.

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    Don't forget to use keyscan as well. I always forget to keyscan new deployment targets.
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    Well i use preconfigured known_hosts file, but same goal. Anyways i have like 380 pipelines all similarly configured but my god sysly. The amount of 'wtf man. The key matches public key, fingerprints are identical, wtf is wrong with you!!!' unbelievable.
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    Atvsuch time I ssh to the pipeline runner, and run it step by step manualy.
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    @magicMirror that was the thing. I did that and i saw in my debug the key as it should... Except for that end of line. And it's exactly that i missed the whole time noticing when plowing through thr bazillion lines of debug code. It is really a case of 'that character that is or is not supposed to be there'... Anyways, thank you for your thoughs, sanity somewhat restored.
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