Wanted to know what you guys think about "Dev" jobs that also include making slide shows and presentations?

Eg. Imagine working on an analysis engine. And just when the core functionality is working, your boss wants your team to make presentation for every client that it's going to be used for - using the raw data given by the engine.

Instead of maybe adding that function to the engine itself.

Suddenly your work is now 12+hours of MS office instead of 8 hours of coding.

And a year later. You have 10 unfinished skeleton code architectures, poorly documented and 90% of the test cases never written.

And most of the devs who were on the initial project have either left out of frustration or have been fired because apparently fresher's who can not code with a senior coder level proficiency is not performing well.

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    I make slides and presentations once in a month or so. So, it really has been a Dev job all in all
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    "I present to you.. my resignation!"
    Dan da ra raaaan!
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    12+ hours of MS Office?
    At that point are you still doing any development? Or has this become an informatics job?
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    Sounds like a "no actual need" project.
    Your boss knows this project is doomed, unless he can get clients to buy it. So what you are doing right now is low level sales - generating sales slide decks for presentation. And getting paid as a dev. Which makes the project lose money faster.

    Unless you want to be in sales - go do something else.
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    @HelsinkiCodes depends, since people leave and join the company so frequently, there usually ain't someone who understands the product properly and the ones who do have to some how manage to continue working on the other product and work on the PPT as well.

    But yes. All in all informatics, design.

    A bulb with lighter shade of blue > a bulb with darker shade of blue. And is also more futuristic by his ambiguous standards.

    Or least I do not understand what's the difference between a grey background and light green font and a blue background with white!
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    @magicMirror interesting point. Infact, it took me a while to realize, most of the products we are working on are all ideas that either we or some other team comes up with.

    Eg. An an interesting approach to design a chat bot AI suddenly turns into a "rule based reply" service - project for the nodejs team to implement. What's worse is that all they can do in this instance is mimic the output of the bot. Without using actual AI.

    While the team that should be working on training the bot is for some reason working on a frontend dashboard that has some major design flaws.

    And all this work goes to shit if there is a product demo. TBH. I never fully thought about this. Until now.
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    @VediYD writing a chatBot is a one man show. Talking fron experience here.
    And yes - it looks like a jerking around type of place....
    go do something useful.
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    I like doing presentations, using the KISS principle. :)
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    @tits-r-us thought about that multiple times actually. I have vested a lot of time and effort in 3 successful products - well successfully made it to business that is.

    I really wanna make sure it's well documented and commented. Somehow always gets postponed by some other task.
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    @c3r38r170 known it. Never actively used it thou. Thanks! Will keep that in mind. :-D
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    Gotta s'plain it to the very simple investors.
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