Question: How many people on here agree with the following statement - Engineering requires sacrifices in the form of compromises and estimations to be made for the sake of developing a product that is practical

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    Should probably add that this was so controversial at my work with a guy with a pHD and 2 senior devs telling my it is false. Clearly not bothering to listen to anything to do with the Taylor series or how it’s used to calculate values in certain situations for functions such as sin, cos, tan, etc
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    Do you mean the project management triangle? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    It's too broad for me to just agree.

    > sacrifices in the form of compromises

    What kind of compromises? Overtime work? Quality or scope (see project management triangle)? Do they go both ways (e.g. sometimes spending more money), or always to the detriment of the product?
    I also find the wording odd: "sacrifices in the form of compromises". Why not just "Engineering requires compromises"? Why the emphasis on sacrifices?

    > estimations to be made

    I agree on that. There's probably few cases that build 100% on hard data. Time to finish the product, requirements and properties of the product need estimating to various degrees.

    > for the sake of developing a product that is practical

    "practical" as opposed to what? "practical" is often used as knockout argument against quality and best practices. Shipping the worst possible crap but quickly = "practical", anything else = "theoretical/impractical/too idealistic". That's not an interpretation I'd agree to.
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