Developer: Can you upgrade my machine to Windows 10? I need it for SQL server 2019.

IT Guy: Sure.

Some time later...

IT Guy: Good news, Windows 10 is loaded. Bad news, I need to update TPM to enable Bitlocker but the firewall is blocking me from downloading the update. I will need to download it from home tonight.

Developer: But you're the IT administrator...

IT Guy: Yes...

Developer: ...

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    That IT Guy was beeing polite and gave you time to think. ;)
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    Welcome to DevRant.
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    Your answer: "Never mind, I'll use a docker container with postgres" 🤓
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    Let's hope you're getting the latest version of Windows 10 and not running the 2017 version like we are at my work... At least we have the latest security patches..
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    @MeadCoder we are at 2018. With everything locked down.
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    @stop ours is also locked down completely with self signed certificate and everything running through a proxy (so they can monitor traffic and block everything with the origin of Russia and China or a Cloudflare ip...)

    Of cause I found my ways around it 😁, but it's not beautiful...
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    @MeadCoder i have access to the only servers that have nearly unrestricted access to the web and a phone with an internet flat
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    @stop then we're two 😄, I have access to my own azure subscription with no limitations
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