How do you deal with pressure and aggressive deadlines at work?

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    By planning better
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    I don't
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    Haha I like what I'm getting here
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    I deal with it by swearing a lot
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    I've had to deal with it twice, and in my opinion it's a severe failure of the company, at the product manager level.

    Devs should not experience pressure. Of course, they should work hard, and they should provide ambitious but realistic estimates.

    But there should always be room for honest communication about delays, about unforeseen obstacles.

    The duty of a developer ends at estimating honestly, let me repeat: ESTIMATE.

    Practically the whole job description of a product manager is to manage this estimate outwards. They should NEVER communicate internal estimates outwards, at least not verbatim. They should always hedge the expectations using softer deadlines.

    A product manager should challenge developers to simplify implementations, to research alternatives, and to warn the PM in time when they're stuck.

    But towards the outside world, a PM should protect and aggressively defend their devs like a guard dog, especially when it comes to deadlines or late changes.
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    Cutting down features / "quality" (visuals and non-productive shit).
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    Prioritizing, aggressive list making, and discussing the issues with superiors. It is their job to ensure you have the resources you need and the time in order to keep the pressure and stress at bay.
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    Drinking :)
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    By quitting.
    If you're constantly Being pushed too hard, it's not good for your health.
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