Stopid mf fat fingers, worked 2 weeks building a design system and 2 hours ago I accidentally shift deleted the scss folder and lost every fcking file, no git, no backup, no nada,guess what, tried to recover the files with 2 Permanently deleted file recovery softwares and from fcking 20 files, 17 were corrupted and weren’t readable, I and my designer friend use a folder sync app, the fcking app synced the delete and she lost the files aswell, fooockiinggg shieeeet, to my don’t know how where luck I managed to recover the copiled javascript chunck from my vue app that had the css styles embeded in the file, you know where I found the js file? iN ThE fcking cache of google chrome. Today I almost broke down to tears, but nonetheless it was a reeee moment for me.

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    Go drink something, worst is yet to come. Good luck mate.
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    I sync my work to 3 local harddrives, one of them is a RPi with owncloud and an external harddrive. I'm also paranoid that my house might burn down and destroy my harddrives, so I also sync it to a cloud Drive and GitHub. Just a bit paranoid.
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    Most file sync services have a history
    But that's what you get for not using versioning (git)
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    @Creep And in the end you'll get paranoid about github's backup in Svalbard not working out...
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    Just use git. If you only have one branch and two users it shouldn't be problematic.
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    I guess i do a backup now 😅
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    We've all been there, a few even without being able to restore anything!

    What you should do now ist take a good long look at git and then start using it!
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    @c3r38r170 I do recommend Jim Beam Honey, sharp at first and when it goes down, sweet and warms you up.
    I recommend that to our ranter here.
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    I'm gonna throw an upvote because I've been there. This is a sad, sad upvote.
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    @coder-guy no need to be sad, recovered the compiled css
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    Git is easy to setup and free to get... No excuse
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    @Hazarth I know, didn’t cross my mind that I would delete them, never happend to me to not setup git and delete the files.
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