So I got a ring doorbell for my father in law. Of course I'm setting it up for them and their WiFi is not working, they lost the router password etc..

So Im in the middle of ... reset the router added new password new ssid new wep-key etc..

Mom in law is over my shoulder "wow you are really good at this technology stuff. You should get a job with a company".

I kid you not I have been married to her daughter for 21 years WTF 🤬

So I'm like I do work for a company. My company and I get paid much more than anyone else would pay me. That how I could take your daughter and our kids to Hawaii for vacation.😠

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    Ring's products are terrible.
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    @kescherRant yes they are 30 feet away from the antenna and it says it has poor reception.
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    @S-falken That is not what I'm complaining about. They seem to be full of security holes. Way too often, other people can snoop in.
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    @kescherRant yeah I know, but that is what he wanted for his birthday. It doesn't have relays so can't unlock the door. camera is only on the outside so really if people want to hack it to see his front lawn then whatever have fun with that.

    May turn into a Payday for him someday 😉 class action lawsuit.
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    @electrineer yes I know, it is not my router. It is a really old Verizon modem/ router. Not my first choice, but also not in my control.
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