Hi I’m new here. It’s so weird. Like employers have insanely high requirements and demand knowledge of different frameworks as well.

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    Employee search is like dating. One would like to have someone who has everything but as you cannot possibly get one who does, you gotta go ahead with whatever you get.

    This is why I apply even if I match 60% of the requirements.
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    Welcome to DevRant though! Enjoy the weirdness
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    Welcome newcomer, please be patient while we verify your new status.

    ~ Green Dot Police Check Initialising ~
    [✓] Non spam post
    [✓] Non meme post
    [✓] Non spam account profile
    [✓] Post language doesn't look like a 2 year old wrote it with Google Translate
    ~ @Chase Detector Initialising ~
    [?] not enough data present, do not suspect chase account at this time
    ~ Results ~
    95% chance of new user.

    Ps: this place can be weird some times.
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