It was back in 2010, they told me to build a simple CRUD system, habe me 2 hours, just to see the code structure/style.

Was it hard? No! I handed it in after 30min, the remaining time I got to talk to the devs. Was nice. No bullshit, no whiteboard, just a laptop and an IDE.

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    What happened afterward?

    Did you get the job?

    Did you get promoted?


    Did you live happily ever after, building crud systems?
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    Got the job, worked there 3 or 4 years. Was nice. During that time, I ha 2 girlfriends, but it didn't work out. Since there was no real oportunity for a Promotion, I decided to go to university (I did an apprentiship with "Berufsmatur", I guess that's a Swiss/German thing, basically you have part time school/part time work and are kind of a trainee, and after that you're certified...), got my A levels and am currently finishing my CS degree at the top university of continental europe, so life's good I think :P

    Oh and I got a dog!
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    Congratulations man! Makes me really happy to hear about your success. Hope it keeps getting better and better.

    Dogs a better companion than a girl anyway. Just don't screw the pooch, literally and metaphorically.

    Seems like the Swiss and Germans have a more effective educational system than the Americans.

    If you enjoy CS and theoretical topics, I have a few posts related to compiler theory that might interest you.


    Here it is:


    Other interesting stuff, semi and unrelated:


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    I do have a wonderful girlfriend too (4 years in february) and actually I've got a compilerdesign exam ob friday.

    Yeah, the Swiss education system is pretty cool. Also a semester at said university is about 700.-, so no student loan dept for us either. Salary wise people with an apprentiship will earn around 4'000-5'500 and people with a University degree (depending on the degree) about 5'000-7'000 per month, so having "just" an apprentiship isn't Seen as something worth less by society, especially since most people choose that path and you can always put in the hours and either go to a Fachhochschule (I guess kind of community college) after a one year course or to university after 2-3 years...

    Oh and don't get me started on healthcare ^^

    But enough about me! How are you doing?
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    Inbetween making obscene posts on the internet, picking up React because that what pays in my area other than C# .

    Would date more if I wasn't psychotic with an overbearing messiah complex (congratulations on finding someone though!)

    People keep telling me I should become a writer. A different person. Every week. No money in it though.

    I wish the u.s. government hadn't underwritten the education system in the u.s. Turned it to pure, expensive, shit and entrapped a bunch of 'semi adults' old enough to sign for the loan, too young to know better. It was positively criminal the way they made it nondischargeable by bankruptcy too. A real proper scam that one.
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    @Wisecrack have you ever considered moving either out of the US or to another part of the country? If so why? If not, why not?
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