By an absolute coincidence, my birthday just got a bit better. A guy I know wrote on social media that he had some ram to sell for ~15 USD, 16GB DDR3 (2x8).

It just so happens that today I've decided to start using my old pc again, after a year and a half of no use, which just so happens only has 8GB of RAM DDR3 :D

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    when i was a kid and didn't know any better in computers, i had my mom buy me a custom made computer.

    The guys that built it were either incompetent or dishonest because they put 3 sticks of ram in a dual-channel motherboard. I realized the mistake much much later.

    Watch out for that, dont be tempted to use your 3 sticks because you will have lower performance as your computer will use single channel RAM because you are missing the fourth stick, (if your motherboard is dual or quad channel)
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    @wonwon0 thanks for the advice, but the 8GB I have now are dual stick
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    That's not quite accurate - how the motherboard handles the RAM is highly dependent on the actual model. A lot of motherboards will dual-channel just fine even with just three ram slots occupied.

    I'm also going to point to this fine article from 2014 about dual channel vs single channel: https://gamersnexus.net/guides/...

    Adding more RAM won't make it run worse than it runs right now. And for that price - that's a fine upgrade.
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