My first ever interview for a developer position involved waking up around 9am to a call from an unrecognized number.

I answered and realized it was someone from a startup I applied to just a day before.

Instant phone interview with tech questions on React and Angular, and I BS'd my way through it, knowing almost nothing about either. Got the job, somehow.

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    Figures if it is a startup. Wear many hats and pick up things as you go.

    Good luck and cogratulations on the new gig my dude.
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    @alexbrooklyn along the way I learned Agile, worked with 2.5 other devs (one was a UX designer learning to code) to build their product from scratch using React for the FE, a few microservices in AWS Lambda, Cognito for auth, and a Python/Flask/Mongo BE.

    Then the startup failed. And I used all that raw experience (and my network) to get my second job.
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    Unlike many job interviews, this one seems to tick the 'can you operate in the required environment' box pretty well!
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    Why post about some act of dishonesty?

    I can understand the need of a job whatever it takes, but why write about it as if It wasn’t something to feel ashamed of?

    I have my share of shortcomings, but I don’t talk about those are mere anecdotes.
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    @jesustricks who said I was being dishonest? I said I knew barely anything about either. That's the truth. I passed the questions though and got the job because of it.

    They were extremely basic questions. I had school-level familiarity with React and I learned on the job. Built that company's entire product from scratch in 13 sprints. Since then I've gained four years experience.

    So, please, point out this harsh "dishonesty" for me. If anything, I stretched the truth when I said I "BS'd" my way through it, depending on what that means to you.
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