Sometimes when I meet new people and they ask "What is your job?" I want to answer "I'm a plumber" 😄

Because I'm so sick of reinstalling Windows on people's laptop's and other shit like that 😔

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    what if they start asking you to fix their plumbing :D
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    then you'll have to battle fire spitting dandelions, navigate through molten lava while attacked by spike-shelled turtles and princess will always be in another castle.

    you choose.
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    then you will be asked to fix the tollet cause a 3 year old flushed a roll of tollet paper. better off saying I'm a astrophysicist
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    @jckimble @leviathan07 Yeah... Didn't think it fully through 😄 So astrophysicist it is 😄😄
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    Or if you want to be completely sure that no one will ever need you, say you studied art history
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    @vringar lol, with mine you might get lucky and get a date. what do you do? I'm a astrophysicist, I get paid to stare at the stars at night, maybe we can go together one night?
    lol damn that actually sounded smoother then it was supposed to
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    @jckimble you good Sir sure are one smooth gentleman. Just go watch the theory of everything afterwards and a good night is guaranteed
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    @vringar lol, better than the pickup line for a plumber. hey honey I'm a plumber do you want me to snake your drain later? lol
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    @jckimble I have seen enough porn to know how this is going
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    @vringar lamo, you'll either get slapped, knocked flat out, or maybe you'll get lucky and they will feel sorry for you
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