So.. anyone buying dumb ideas?~

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    Yeah, whatcha got.
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    @kevbost so.. It's an OS (yeah ik) for smartphone. except it only have the home screen~ + little tiny button that act as apps and folder. the OS itself is a game:-
    + The game char will be displayed in the home screen.
    + Notification
    + Messages
    + Voice Call
    + Video Call
    + Calendar
    + Inventory
    + Console
    + Browser
    + VR support. xD

    there you go, dumb Ideas #0.
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    @kevbost it also can be an OS, -game features(add on). The game char will still be displayed on the home screen, user can control.it. explore some bushes or sitting infront of the pc. and basically go shopping~ but no dungeon exploration and all~ no fighting~ yes social~ user can still visit playstore~ lol~ xD ooh, this is fun~
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    no dungeons?! add progression to unlock basic features! :D

    you need to reach level 20 to use gps.
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    @orijin woah~! Brilliant~! I can do that~ 😂😂😂 + Dungeons reward + Daily quest~ and user will have to explpre dungeons to unlock all the features~ or they can buy it at the local ingame stores~ 😍😋
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    Nice idea especially for kids
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    @hafiz5626 I'm a kid~ Nice~ 😂😂😂 I like the way you perceive things~ xD
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