I wonder How people complete the whole computer science in 4 years. For me it feels about 4 decades. Any thoughts about it ?

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    Because most colleges just teach basic and old shit that useless in the real world
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    @volttide True. Ofcourse it takes decades to get out of the shit and be on the track. 😒
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    @volttide you can't expect that studying a science will make you a craftsman. That's a wide spread misconception
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    It is the same way one learns any language or subject in School. Nothing is complete/comprehensive
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    @don-rager back when I was at the college in 2015, my faculty teached Pascal with FPC editor, not Lazarus, not Delphi, a blue FPC that crashes oftenπŸ˜…
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    A couple of my friends completed it in 4 years. I’m on my fifth and still feel like I know nothing...
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    Oh yeah it did feel like decades. I don’t know which part of the world you’re from but the syllabus for computer science partially sucks ass no matter which uni you study at. Some are okay I suppose. But the key takeaway is to find someone amicable and nice who is studying alongside you, befriend them, and when the opportunity is right give them the D. That should take the boredom and the time running slow effect.
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    @hatemyjob I agree with you at some cases, because you know a Programmer has one n only friend, his/her Laptop. 🀣
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    @don-rager You couldnt explain it better. That is a great explanation.
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