My Arch install just randomly killed itself, lol

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    Same. I was just vibing and suddenly the arch sector got corrupted 😎
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    For some reason only two USB ports are working now
    what the fuck
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    I would too
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    This sounds as odd as the one time, my Ubuntu install randomly killed its network-support without any apparent reason or cause.
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    Linux is awesome amirite guys?
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    @hatemyjob It is. I took that risk by choosing Arch. I'll go back to Manjaro for a safe environment.
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    Manjaro is def a good idea if you need it to be reliable and like to experiment. Fedora silverblue has a cool approach to maintaining stability as well if you want to give that a look; rolling back to last working is basically git-style.
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    Installed Manjaro now. Works nicely. :)
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    @hatemyjob It is. Usually the cause is that some asshole *hardware* manufacturer decided that for some reason they are entitled to unlimited access to their users' computers by writing closed source drivers, but at the same time they want to save on dev costs which causes severe staff shortage, so only the best case, if anything, gets implemented for Linux.

    Seriously though, the fact that nvidia has more power over my computer than anything I could write has over the graphics card is disturbing.
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    Atheros are also assholes, but at least, they only require proprietary firmware, not a completely proprietary driver.
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    You all havent met qcom. Those fucking assholes. Oh how i and many others hate them. Not only are the drivers shit (Bad code and bad quality). They also require blobs. And most of the time even the basic shit is in those blobs so good luck doing something in the driver.

    But i agree Atheros is shit. Had the chance to see it in action with linux-next when wifi broke due to their changes.
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    @SortOfTested fedora silverblue? I must have missed that Pokemon game.
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    I mean, it's great. You can catch a centos if you're lucky!
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    @SortOfTested Cent used SecLinux. It's super effective! 80% of your programs from the previous LTS don't work anymore!
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    @AlgoRythm used recompile from source, but it failed
    Make is now broken
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    @Lor-inc your budget fainted!
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