Intern: *writes text-color: 'white'* Hey, I'm trying to apply this color, but it doesn't work.
Me: Remove the "text-" from it.
Intern: *confused*
*Removes "-" and makes it camel case.*
Me: No, it should just be "color".
Intern: Okay, that works. Thanks.

It's been 172 days (since my last post)

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    Cut him some slack. We all start somewhere
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    @shoop Yeah, I know, I helped him wherever needed. But, he's working on React, so at least should remember basic css or know to do a quick search before asking, no?
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    Does his ide not throw errors?
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    @alexbrooklyn It was css-in-js without syntax highlighting/reporting enabled
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    Thinking it should be 'text-color' instead of 'color' I can understand.

    Thinking that CSS properties are ever camel case: unforgivable.
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    I inadvertently typed "text-color" today. Totally embarrassed myself. But I had just typed "text-align" like five times in a row prior, so.

    And yes, it really should be "text-color", not "color". Similarly, "darkgrey" should be darker than "grey". 🤦‍♀️ Stupid CSS.
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    @halfflat that sounds like it was when he asked someone over. When I do that I magically lose my coding abilities. Cognitive load or something. But ob the other hand, when I am asked to help someone else, I have no issues at all.
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    @Root web frontend is such a fucking mess...

    Some days I wonder if I took the right step accepting a fullstack position, feels like I'm spending more time debugging why a bloody kendo multiselect can't have it's data source replaced or some shit like that than writing code in a non-broken environment...
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    @ArcaneEye I hear you.

    At my current job the backend is a fucking mess too. I spend more time fighting with problems I shouldn't even be having than being productive. It took me five hours to write ten tests because nothing was making any bloody sense. Tests passed on the cli, but failed in the ide. Still haven't figured that one out.

    And don't even get me started on some of the styling. The designer doesn't even know where to out the bloody .css files. And when he writes javascript... 🙁 my life gets much harder.

    Fortunately I don't need to fight with NPM randomly breaking or updating my dependencies. Or dependency updates breaking on minor or patch versions. Or being replaced with malware. Or simply being deleted.

    Frontend is a mess.
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    @Root oh it's not that backend isn't a mess too, but at least it has type checks, intellisense and a solid debug engine.

    But like... Test? What are those?
    And those we have are testing broken messes, so once you fix those the tests fail...
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