Just updated my Android one device to Android 10. Ughh, the worst design in the history of Android. Weird status bar icons, ugly fonts and worst possible color combination choices for both dark and light themes.

Google should go back to its colorful lollypop material designs instead of making more and more robotic icons :/

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    I like it tbh oof, but I agree in some terms.
    It's a little ... bland I guess
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    I kind of understand. Like... they have to change something, otherwise people would complain it's all the same. In the end, people will find something to complain about.
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    I really wish I could update my phone while still retaining the same interface/look I have now. I really dislike how Android 9 and 10 look.
    Unfortunately, that's not an option :(

    Who the fuck decided that the kernel and the user interface had to be tied together over major updates?
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    UI/UX has gotten progressively worse over the years across multiple products. Look at windows, it's just a bunch of colored tiles now.
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