Do you type with palms down or up?
If you write with palms up (correct posture) how long it takes until your hands are a bit tired?

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    My hands are tired just from thinking about it
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    @groxx oh snap, you have THE keyboard. How is it though?
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    @HitWRight good enough to stick it in my backpack and carry it everywhere, though it takes up a ridiculous amount of room. It took about two weeks to get fluent, and about a month to get to where both this and a normal keyboard felt normal when I switch between them.

    I'm totally sold on the columnar layout, that's worth changing every keyboard everywhere. Every key on a diagonal is ridiculous once you get used to the straight ones like this.

    Otherwise... It's quite nice, but now that I'm familiar with it I kinda wish I went with one of the custom hackable ones (e.g 3d printed).
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    Reason 1 is that it's just USB, I would *really* like Bluetooth. I got a Bluetooth keyboard adapter and am seriously considering dremeling out the interior to make room for it and a battery (there's enough empty space that it'll work fine).

    Reason 2 is that the remapping software built in is essential (you have slightly fewer keys with easy access), but can't do chords, so fancy stuff is hard. I'm using Karabiner on my Mac to handle that (which is *fantastic* btw), but a totally custom one could just do it on-board.

    Also it's huge, and basically all the custom ones are much smaller and have totally disconnected hands. This one is about right, but it's still limiting to be locked together.
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    To answer your original question tho!

    I grew up playing piano, so on a normal keyboard I'm a palms-up person. No tiredness. I still RSI sightly though, which is why I tried THE keyboard.

    On the fancy one I'm actually palms-down, with no issues. It's partly necessary though, even a tiny bit of drift screws me up and I can't passively realign myself like I do on a normal keyboard. Dunno why.
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    @groxx I'm quite impressed, thank you for the answers. Although what do you mean the hackable 3d printed ones, I don't seem to find a community around it, since that would be quite an interesting challenge
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    @groxx break all your fingers and you can press the keys again.
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    @HitWRight this is the main one I've been pondering: https://github.com/adereth/...

    There's a pretty widely varied custom keyboard world out there. But personally I'm sold on concave/bowl shape + column layout. Flat keyboards require a lot more finger movement.
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    @Codex404 where there's a will, there's a way... thank you, Internet, for bringing this into our lives:
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    @groxx Please, I want to see the entire pic of this keyboard!
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