How do I get devrant sticker?
I have 50++ on a rant and i have mailed them but i didn't get any reply

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    You dont, they dont give out stickers anymore.
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    The real question is how did you get 50++ posting that shit
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    I'm glad they didn't reply to your case.
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    Buy them
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    Sadly, devRant still operates at a loss.
    You should buy the stickers to support the platform. Maybe a stress ball or hoodie, too!
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    @electrineer Stupid people far outweighs the less stupid ones. I would like for the upvotes on shitty content to act like downvotes.
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    Hasn't that meme even been on here before? Not like super recent but a few months ago? I could swear I remember ppl commenting on it
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    @Jilano algorithm to determine whether a user is stupid and their upvotes act like downvotes. Wonderful idea.
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    @electrineer because that couldn't possibly be used maliciously.
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