IPV6 is a total clusterfuck....

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    Not even supported by most (all?) ISP here in Canada.
    I liked it when I lived in France. I could do AAA DNS record for every PC in my home network without all that “NAT” shit.
    Azure doesn’t support IP6. Don’t know about other cloud providers
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    @NoToJavaScript azure has no ipv6?! Wtf
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    @NoToJavaScript what? Pretty sure I recall my VMs having ipv6 addresses...
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    @stop @endor

    For VMs yes. But not direct cloud services.

    Not for services like WebApp. You can use that, but seems as a pain :

    And on personal note, if your “cloud” infrastructure is just a bunch of VMs, well, you don’t take advantage of cloud services at all
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    @dakkarant How is it worse to set up than IPv4, besides the longer addresses?
    There is even a better auto configuration (SLAAC) than for IPv4, but DHCPv6 remains an option. Besides that, subnetting and configuration largely remains the same.
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    There's so many problems with ipv6->ipv4 routing that it's baffling. I don't understand how this logic bomb hasn't gone off yet.

    And AWS definitely supports ipv6
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    When I asked my ISP if they are planning IPv6 support they were staring at me like I was an alien. So yes, it is very useful.
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