Why? Why?! WHY?! Why does stuff like this exists? Follow for follow? Who cares how many followers someone has! I can understand maybe why this could be useful on Instagram or youtube, but why on GitHub?!?!? I look if someone makes quality stuff, not how many followers he has! I just don't understand why.

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    I thought F2F meant "female to female" like M2M for butt sex.
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    You seem to not be a social media user ...

    Lots of people care about:

    1. Number of followers (e.g. LinkedIn profiles have: 10K followers)

    2. Number of likes on post/picture and world gone crazy when Instagram decided to experiment to hide number of likes on a post.

    3. I saw some too proud about having highest number of "shared" posts.

    4. On youtube: Like and subscribe it will give me motivation

    So ya, F4F soon, L4L (like for like) ...etc.
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    Ah, F4F, not F2F. Dumb brain.
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    @rutee07 I get you though. I still have to hide a histerical giggle everytime I walk past an ATM
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    ++4++ please 😆😆
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    Because we are overly socialized animals existing to be milked for every last drop of information we can give to our tech overlords.
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