"Don't you like the new site? (:"
I mean yeah, it's an upgrade from what was done in 2011 with 2007 recycled code.
But now the first access takes almost 10 seconds.
Was fucking WordPress necessary?
We went from a hotel booking PHP template to a blogging template.
60+ freaking Mb of shit, not just content but *shit*. (from the admin panel, only 3 of the 10+ sections are needed)
At least they won't bother me now about the main page frontend.
Oh wait, they do. So I had to learn how to hack the theme header behaviour because of course, cute boy WordPress couldn't care less on how the header behaves. I see more hacks incoming of fucking course.

Man I fucking hate WordPress.

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    And I hate how I tried to get rid of all the unnecessary jQuery on the site and suddenly "Hey, bootstrap needs jQuery. :)".
    I now have 2 fucking jQuery files with different versions on the server wtff??
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    I hate WP too, but tbh, if you're using a theme, probably made by some junior developer in some third-world country, I don't really think you can blame WP on it.
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    Been a long time since I saw a wordpress hate rant, good to be back to those days
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    WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery: the Unholy Trinity.

    Kill it with fire, scatter the ash, AND drive a wooden plug through its heart just to be sure.

    There's nothing worth salvaging.
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