Dare tell me this doesn't look stylish

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    Too many round corners on the avatars lol
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    More breathing room needed between avatar and content.

    Username should be top aligned instead of vertical to image.

    Rant content should be aligned to username indentation, really hard to follow the text down the screen otherwise.

    it's getting better then the last screen shot I saw 😎
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    @C0D4 Tell me more, senpai
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    Maybe some separation between rant, avatar etc
    Like spacing or borders
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    Do you have to pay to get that dark?
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    @r-fu it's default, but I will have to speak to @dfox and @trogus to sort things out with devrant++
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    @shoop Theres a pop up for dentrant++ member only. Its ok.

    @dfox @trogus. Hello sir. How can I join?
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    @r-fu you go to settings and press devrant ++
    You have to pay two euros a month and you will have some benefits in the community
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    @shoop Looking good! I do want you to know that you're welcome to explore the API and build out an app for educational purposes, but @dfox and I don't allow devRant clients to be released on platforms where official versions exist (iOS, Android & web). This is to reduce market confusion, ensure user privacy, and maintain our brand. Thanks for understanding!
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    The avatars should be blinking fast, the usernames should be fading in and out, and the content itself should be scrolling left to right and then back. Consider using marquee for that plus red and yellow font color in neon green background.

    Source: I'm a pro.
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    @trogus thanks for letting me know!
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    It doesnt look stylish.
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    @010001111 please see my later versions of this
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