Open source developers working for free:

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    Hahaha. That guy who kept asking for donations here a few days ago.
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    @rutee07 seems like I've missed on a lot of things here.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- Some kid was asking for money because he wanted to pulish an app but doesn't have a credit card. Some shit like that.
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    Hey, we're not all like that! I've never asked for a dime.

    Been asked to setup something to take donations many a time mind you, but always refused. My full time job is where I get my money. Taking it for open source work just seems like it'll lead me to prioritise features based on who donates the most, rather than what makes it better.
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    Well... They are doing God's work... You should support them if you can
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    Hi @AlmondSauce, I strongly support the argument that OS projects/authors should be funded. By no means I intend to offend any OS developers who do or don't accept funding by this silly meme.
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    @skynet Ah I wasn't offended in the slightest, don't worry! You'd have to try a lot harder than that before I got close to being offended ;)

    Definitely great when OS stuff is funded - agree it should happen more. There's the flip side of the coin though which is when those who write relativity small projects, mainly for fun, start acting like everyone owes them a salary even though no-one actually uses what they've written. Those people are indeed a tad annoying!
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    npm i

    20 packages are asking for funding run npm fund
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    I'm also working on a few open-source projects and plan to add a (discrete) support link.

    Though just like almost every other open source dev I know I won't get a cent
    With how everything goes I'm wondering what's the point of asking
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