Boss came in with new project:
boss shows me the design
me: it's a wordpress website ?
boss: client wants it with prestashop
me: but the brief is for an ecommerce website with 2 categories and a blog, wordpress with woocommerce and a blog should be enought
boss: no, client wants it with prestashop

oh I forgot, client wants it in a shared hosting server, where I can't add php extensions

started the project, fucked my weekend with anxiety and depression, and then products list came in ... 15 product

me: ok, I need to get the fuck out quick

I quit, I sleep at night, I smile with my kids ...

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    And how many attributes those products have? Does client want to add more products over time, or filter products based on their attributes? WooCommerce stores all attributes in PHP-serialised postmeta, so it can't just query "WHERE color = 'red'", it has to pull all products in, filter them, and, if client wants count next to each filter, do some fucking inefficient grouping.
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    @hitko it's not my first prestashop website, there are 4 attributes, and client won't be adding new product, and I didn't quit because of this project, but the amount of shitty clients and projects my boss provide are countless, and the salary is not worth the anxiety anymore.
    working in small digital agencies building websites from theme forest templates is not fun nor profitable.
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