Vim is a nightmare. That is all.

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    Everything is a nightmare if you think hard enough
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    How do I exit this comment thread?

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    At this point, that's a meme in the wrong category
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    I'd like to report a crime.
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    Was forced to use it for a year.

    Never again.
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    Naaah it's not a nightmare. It's a bit old and if you have a desktop manager it's a bit unnecessary, but for terminal, why not.
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    It runs circles around desktop IDEs, but the catch is that you have to be able to learn new things. Some people can't do that.
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    please :q blabbering shit
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    It's only a nightmare if you require handholding.
    Otherwise, suck it up and put in the effort.
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    It's not a nightmare, you're just lazy.

    Kind regards.
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    :%s/nightmare/good booty/g
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    Vim is like Stranger Things: dark, terrifying, mysterious,..
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