As a senior developer, I introduced a bug in the hiring system at the company I worked at and it took HR nearly 2 years to fix it.

Bug: Every candidate I interview on Wednesday between 12:30 PM and 4:15 PM gets selected irrespective of performance.

Impact: 270 candidates got a job

1st Fix [1.5 years in]: Add multiple developers to conduct a single interview (still did not fix it completely after all I was a senior developer)

2nd Fix [2 years in]: Removed me from the hiring committee

3rd Fix [though was not needed but for HR's extra safety]: Started recording all interviews

It was a good time.

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    As a senior developer, I drink one of those orange flavored vitamin C tablets that sizzle when you put them in water. After all, I am a senior developer.
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    Seems like they knew it was you. Did they notice because a high percentage of the people you were responsible for hiring either left of were fired?
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    @rutee07 so in this case, i can now call me a senior developer too. thanks bro
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    @cmarshall10450 Though only 29 were fired in the first year but nearly 150 were put on a performance improvement plan.
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