Today I uttered words I thought I'd never say in my life....

"This is why linux is better"

What the hell is going on in 2020 lmao

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    Microsoft is getting worse patch by patch, while Linux is getting better by the day.
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    @SortOfTested sike

    it's just cmd sucks balls and bash is a lot better.

    Windows is still better all around.
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    So what was the situation?
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    I honestly expected this to be by @dontbeevil

    Then again, he would never agree even if windows had malware installed by default. More than there already is, I mean.
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    @Pyjong I'm just used to using bash way more than I am cmd prompt. I don't like the commands at alllll compared to bash.

    I was in class and I kept trying to type bash commands into it, as well as trying to tab to finish commands.

    @Root don't look now but I'm finna bite the bullet and build a new pc soon and it's only gonna run a nix distro. 👀🤫🤫
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    @Root WHEN in a rant against windows, it's CLEARLY demonstrated that's not windows fault, and i point it out you call me a fanboy... When i tell you that you're worst because for you it's fine to saying EVEN in that case "windows sucks switch to linux", you disappear... But you keep blaming and mentioning me everywhere... Lol linux nazi are funny
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    @dontbeevil Despite being really easy, goading you just makes my day. 😊
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    @Root also when you disappear, or you comment changing topic makes my day
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    *sitting on fence eating popcorn* but have you tried arch yet? Or fish shell?
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    The funniest part is all the linux fanboys upvoting root comment... But hey I'm the fanboy here, not you guys, you're perfectly objective, lol you're confirming once again my opinion about most of linux fanboys, this will be the year of linux on desktop!!!

    P. S.
    To be clear i have notjing against linux, it's just (most) of its fan club
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    you can install bash in windows 10 developer mode
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    @vane it's a school laptop I'm using in a networking class more than anything.

    It's not even connected to the internet lol
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    @dufferz I just found out about fish today! It looks pretty great, actually. Already using Manjaro (Arch is great, but it just takes too long. Manjaro's a nice middle-ground), and I love it. I feel completely in control, and there's almost nothing I can't figure out how to do
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    @sploders101 ahh that's good! If you haven't already found it, check out 'oh my fish' adds a bit more functionality & theming... Also, Oh my tmux is great too.. Oh my!
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    @Vane Yeah, and it's definitely nice, but it's nothing compared to the real thing. When I can encrypt my drive, use any kind of FS I want, create containers that run like VMs but aren't, authenticate by UID through a domain socket, forward any agent/service anywhere, access arbitrary devices as readable files I can use in scripts, mount applications as hard drives, get the benefit of added security from a worldwide open-source community, etc, I'd say that's better than anything windows can do. The only thing windows has going for it is a remarkably user-friendly GUI and support.
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    @Stuxnet I can definitely see you on Ubuntu. The good side of Linux with the awful bloated shit from Windows squished together :D
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    I guess, terminal looks more professional XD
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    @Stuxnet yeah cmd doesn't have exactly beautiful syntax. pwrsh does tho
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    Windows 10: Malware as a Service
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    I changed to linux around month ago.

    By that time I got used to some BS provided by linux that I never managed to fix.

    But there are some things that just fucking bother me deeply. At work Im dev, but at home Im competetive player... Or I was, as game I play, works on Lutris, but framerate is fucked (from 250+ fps for my 240hz monitor now Im stuck at unstable 120 fps with some bullshit freezes happenening whenever lutris "compiles shaders"), game is unstable and freezes sometimes and there is no way to kill it (only alt+prntscr+REISUB works) and so on

    Other than that, volume controll is a mess, not mentioning I feel like my internal DAC works on some compatibility/emergency mode as it's sound quality is shit now and it's max volume is like 15% of what it was before, I could continue on but character limit.

    And that's just subject of entertainment, I didnt start on usability...

    But yeah, fuck windows 10. One day I will get pissed enough so I install back windows 7 and enjoy peace.
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    @dontbeevil @sploders101
    whatever you write I don’t personally care.

    I don’t judge people and on daily basics use os provided by client cause they pay my bills.

    I personally use osx but if windows, linux or what the fuck you want does the job for you it’s ok for me.

    Same with programming language and electronic in general it’s just a tool like microwave.
    It’s not a way of life for me.
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    truth spilled right there.

    I may personally hate apple. I will even try to discuss with Apple fanboi about that, for heck of it, but I wont judge anyone beacouse of that.

    As long as your target is met, it doesn't matter what tool you use. Just please don't force me to help you with your OS'es problems and I'm fine.
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    @dontbeevil why are you getting so fucking angry over a joke? holy shit
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    @slashasdf wow you're so cool
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    @PrivateGER if it's a joke is ok, but i think it's serious that's why
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    Windows = PC gaming
    Linux = PC development
    OSX = work

    That's how I roll.

    All has strengths and shortcomings.
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    @Stuxnet I'm really liking the new Windows Terminal though, even though it's stil in preview.

    I do all my college work by using an el cheapo windows laptop to ssh into the college cluster and run and dev my assignments from there. Works for every course that doesn't involve you needing actual hardware, and is super comfy. Also you get the advantage of having long battery life on a cheap, thin and light machine but the performance of the cluster servers. Dunno if your place has them though.
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    It's kind of neat, even if it's long overdue.

    That said, I can't stand the new font they made for it. It's basically comic consolas. Which is odd because Ive really liked the last few they made.
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    @SortOfTested it's a bit gimmicky, yeah. I just set the font to Fira Code or whatever else is the Font of the Week for me.

    I really like how easy it is to customise, they did a pretty good job imo.
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    @RememberMe that's pretty smart.

    I saw a Windows laptop for $150 around the holidays. almost got it and slapped an SSD into it so that it's a bit faster and does all the basics I need.
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    @Stuxnet if that thing was decently light and had okayish build quality, I would say go for it.

    I use a secondhand $200 Acer Spin 1 with 4GB of RAM, a 64GB eMMC drive, and a Pentium Silver N5000. In other words, cheap garbage. It's literally cheaper than my phone and I have a midrange phone. I didn't got for an older, cheper one because I wanted it to be thin and light and have a decently substantial battery. The screen even folds backwards and allows me to use it as a tablet, which is awesome for reading textbooks when solving something.

    8 hours battery life when sshed into the cluster though, and the build quality is actually not bad for its price. So eh. It works. Boot times are great because of emmc. And it's cheap enough that I wouldn't mind too much if it breaks and I won't lose any data because it's all on the servers. Absolute win all around.
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    @RememberMe it's pointless nowadays for me because I'm about to build a desktop and my laptop will become a secondary device.
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    @dontbeevil I think it was a joke but regardless, when you look at some of windows' 'features' in a cybersecurity perspective, you could definitely label them as malware.
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