So I came from a Laravel background, I love using it. I mean, Laravel is beautiful!

However, the city I want to move in have ZERO Laravel jobs, most of them are looking for Django and Rails developers. So already knowing Python, I decided to learn Django to get a job in that city and add it on my skillset.

I like it, I watched FCC's tutorial on Django, I'm ready to start and create my first Django project, was so excited and proud of myself until... I found out that:

1.) Django lacks built-in seeder
2.) It's confusing to customize the authentication function
3.) Styling of forms is in Python-level, not on template-level (unless you install a 3rd-party package)
4.) Integrating frontend framework requires manual setup
and many more...

I enjoy Python, and tbh I plan on making it my main language, but this is just... too frustrating.

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