When you work on a project for months, the newly appointed tech lead says "we all (him, the boss and other colleagues not involved in this project) looked at your code and decided that it should be dropped and we are starting from scratch again....now I'm not against code review (which we never did) so I welcome the input but allow me to vent my frustrations about how this is being done. Also to have a review & verdict without me being present?

So I ask what was so wrong:
* You changed the database structure. Valid, I tried to make your db an actual db with relationships, so I added some foreign keys, delete fields that were never used, all because they told me to use an ORM.
* You used to much logic in setters, validation etc, valid again but this would be something we could look at and fix imho.
* You are passing classes in your constructor, valid I wanted to use DI to make unit testing possible. Ohh but I don't like unit testing so I don't see the point and it makes it to complicated was the response.

So not only was the project cancelled, the new iteration is being developed without me, I'm shunned from all meetings. Ohh and from what I see they are now using 5 tables instead of 25 and completely started the db model from scratch...

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    This is the perfect opportunity to exit the train before it crashes. Find another that isn't quite as rickety, and whose crew might actually appreciate your presence and effort.
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    @Root after much deliberation I bit the bullet and did just that. It was hard, I put my hart and soul in this company...I loved working there but it has become so toxic (for many of us). I'm the first to go but not the last I'm sure.
    While I have new challenges to look forward to I can't help and look back, asking myself why and in what universe is this ok to treat colleagues/people like this. Straight up to the end they accused me of being the problem...
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    @anehgris I've been trying to find the answer to that as well. 🙁

    Best of luck in your next endeavor!
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    @Root well if you ever find out, let me know :) !

    Best of luck to you as well!
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    Well done, truly.

    Leaving a job is hard, despite how many people talk about doing it.
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