When you download devrant and you are told to put your skills in your profile

I know the basic html they teach you at w3schools. That's literally it

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    I refrain from adding too much personal stuff to devrant, even user name is odd... My bosses roam here (Oo') they will never find me - crawls back in hole -
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    Still more than some people who call themselves "programmers" at my university.
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    Welcome to devRant. Hey, it is a start. You will build on your skills. Hang out here and you will get great advice and have fun.
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    And this is why devRant is a rare unicorn amidst Internet's flame filled sea of griefing. Where else a newcomer is encouraged like that?
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    Albeit w3schools did refresh their site and content I would have to agree that it's notorious for being incorrect and going out of date. See w3fools.com. I would say check out code academy for some good intros. Welcome to the community!
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    We all start somewhere 👌
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    Never been a better time to learn, so many great resources freely or cheaply available on the internet now
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    The comments on this post give me hope. Welcome, new blood!
    @ishankothari hope!
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