Nasal allergies.

I'm so close to having my entire face excavated and just becoming a living skull on a walking meat sack. Friday night is over and I couldn't even play a video game so I lie here like a sore dick from fucking, too sensitive for stimulation and too flaccid to work. At this point, I might as well sniff some muriatic acid to declog this raw meat I call a nose.


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    Get quarantined and come back after a week. Your dick will be dying to nail something by then
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    @asgs I will consider it. Thank you.
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    You contracted ncov, you are dying
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    I had something similar with hayfever, so bad that I couldn't even work. Hyposensitisation solved the problem.

    Basically, a doc determines what exactly you're allergic to, then injects that stuff once per week with increasing quantity. Once max quantity has been reached after a few months, the time between injections is raised up to a month. The therapy must not be interrupted and is finished after three years.

    A common side effect is a swollen and heated arm where the injection was done, which is the allergic reaction. That vanishes after a day or two and is harmless. Allergic shocks might theoretically happen, but that's rare, and it's why you wait at the doc for half an hour after the injection.

    This way, the body gets used to that stuff and stops giving a fuck about it. I had that cure 20 years ago, and it's still fine.

    Also, hayfever isn't just annoying. Untreated, it may "move" and then become allergic asthma which obviously is dangerous.
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    @rutee07 Just take some antihistamins, or at the worst case scenario, some steroids.
    Antihistamins are my go to for my yearly hayfever months. The 2nd generation stuff are over the counter, so no need for a doc.....

    Take one, and go to sleep for a couple of hours, wake up with an unclogged nose.
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    Eurgh, I know the feeling. My nose gets like that all summer long. Antihistamines do sod all for me too.
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    @Fast-Nop they still even have that sorta treatment available? Sounds like it might've worked a little too well if your not still taking some permanent prescription on the regular
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    @M1sf3t Even in the US, it's approved and regulated by the FDA.
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    @Fast-Nop approved by the fda? So what are the other side affects then? Vomiting, dry mouth, death, sickle cell anemia? Or what about a brain tumor maybe, I hear they get a pretty good commission when what they approve ups chemo sales on down the line 🤔
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    @yellow-dog You mean the kung flu or the sweet and sour sicken?
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    @Fast-Nop I'll get another check-up. I went to some ENTs before and they usually just tell you to avoid typical stuff like eggs, chicken, powder, etc. without really checking on you.

    I get these allergies less when I moved to the city. Lacking sleep, hot weather, provincial grassy shit, disgusting tutty fruity cheap colognes that the hoes shower themselves with in restrooms, tons of powder they use to lighten their brown faces until they turn gray, shit like that.

    Pretty much all my problems would go away if you cut down the population of inconsiderate fucks but then I'll have no one to hate and no reason to live.
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    @magicMirror I always have Benadryl with me and it fixes everything after making you fall asleep. It's just hard when you're working on something because then you have to fight off the sleepiness. The non-drowsy ones don't work. I used to take those steroid nasal sprays. I just really want to get rid of this shit permanently. :(

    The last time, I was on fire, finishing so many tasks fast and then I get the allergies, drink antihistamine, and a few minutes later I'm fat-fingering the keyboard.
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    Nasal spray (salt ones) or just a mixture of warm water and salt could open your nasal passages. Just don't inhale too quickly or it'd get into your lung's airways and momentarily fuck you up.
    Also, drinking a shitton of water may help to washout stuff and reduce puffiness.
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